Amit Chowdhury

Chief Technology Officer

He’s the CTO of Axilweb and is a highly skilled programmer. He has been involved in IT for the last 10 years.

Amit Chowdhury


Amit Chowdhury is the CTO of Axilweb. He’s the guy that all our programmers go to when they play in the big league. His passion for coding started during his High School years when computers were seen as difficult and complex. It was his unique take on coding that has helped him have a leg up over others and launch a very promising career in IT. He is often seen brushing up his skills on coding, reading documents on it, and in essence- living it! He has inspired several of his peers to follow his footsteps who have since become really skilled programmers. When he’s not helping out his fellow peers, he spends his free time with his newborn or passionately following any football matches.

Amit Chowdhury at Axilweb


  • Implement technologies that yields competitive advantage for firm
  • Supervise system infrastructures for smooth operations
  • Ensure functionality and efficiency of programs

Amit Chowdhury working at Axilweb