Digitalization of Business Process for Driving School

A brief summary of how we helped increase profitability by leveraging technology to automate business processes.


The Challenge

A family-operated business in Vegas, a Driving School was quickly rising through the ranks by providing outstanding experiences to its customers with qualified instructors and well-trained staff. As the business started to flourish beyond their expectations, they soon found themselves in hot water. A manual scheduling and booking process meant that they could only serve as many people as they could process. As a result, it stunted the growth rate of the organization making it slow and inefficient.

A Helping Hand

A quick analysis of the brick and mortar stores’ operating procedures lead to a simple solution: Business Process Digitalization. The entire Booking System was overhauled and converted to a digital medium. It helped us understand user behavior and interactions with the website. A Scheduling System was also incorporated so that users could modify events without the need for staff assistance.

The End Result

It was quite evident as soon as the Booking System went online; customer processing time was cut down from 4 hours to just 15 minutes! Increased efficiency helped reduce the processing cost per new customer thereby helping the Driving School be more competitive and therefore more profitable.